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Are you feeling cramped?

If you feel cramped in your home, it may be time to add-on. Don't choose just anyone to add-on to your home; choose Craig Tetreault. Craig is a frame to finish contractor meaning, he likes to stay small, so he can be hands-on for every job.


Craig has been a contractor for 26 years and he prides himself on creating beautiful additions that work for your needs.

Why an addition?

An addition to your current home can benefit you in many ways, it will give you more immediate space for whatever you need (expanding family or hobbies). It will increase the selling value of your home and it is cheaper than purchasing a larger new home.


 •  Remodeling

 •  Carpentry

 •  Designing

 •  Beautiful additions

Refresh your home

You can make your home the home of your dreams. Give us a call to remodel your bathroom or kitchen or to add-on for more space. Your needs will be taken care of by our licensed carpenter and contractor.

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